Wind Rangers Technical Specifications

Microprocessor controlled EEPROM embedded for set point data storage LCD character display 2 by 20 line with LED backlighting Relay outputs switch up to 10 amps Sealed keypad to meet NEMA 4/12 conditions Polycarbonate/fiberglass reinforced enclosure to meet NEMA 4/12 conditions.

General Specifications


Format – 2×20 LCD Character Display
Backlight Color – Black/White LED
Pixel Color – Dark Blue
Character Resolution – 5×8 Dot Matrix
Display Size – 3.2″x0.7″


Material – Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Ratings – Nema Types 1, 3, 4X, 6P, 12

Relay Outputs

Load – Resistive
Rated Load Capacity – 10A at 120V/AC, 8A at 30V/DC
Max. Load Capacity – 10A at 250V/AC, 8A at 125V/DC
Min. Load Capacity – 100mA at 5V/DC
Life Expectancy at Rated Load –
10,000,000 Mechanical Minimum
100,000 Electrical Minimum

Keypad Overlay

Material – Autoflex EBG Polyester
Coatings – Solvent Resistant Velvet Textured
Hardcoat, Except LCD Display Window
LCD Window – Clear Gloss Coating
Switches – Pillow Embossed with Tactile Feedback
Adhesive – 3M 467MP

Power Requirements

Input Voltage – 120/240VAC, 12VAC/DC
Max Power Consumption – 6 VA

Wind Sensor Input
AC Signal Producing Approximately:

0.17V/AC rms at 5 MPH
0.35V/AC rms at 10 MPH
0.88V/AC rms at 25 MPH
1.77V/AC rms at 50 MPH
3.37V/AC rms at 100 MPH

Wind Controller

Terminal Block Layout

All Wind Rangers Controller Terminal Blocks are clearly marked as shown. The text noted below each terminal block, including stage 1, 2 and 3 are silk screened on the P.C. Board.
The drawing reflects a typical single stage pump cut-off.
When Stage1 Energizes it cuts-off pump or other devices
Twisted pair wiring at a maximum of 500′ when connecting anemometer.

Mounting Layout
Rear Flange Mounting Holes are
31″ Diameter (4 PLCS)
Mounting Dimensions are 4″ Horizontal X 8.88″ Vertical (Centerline/Centerline).

Door Latch with Hasp
Hasp is used when padlocking the enclosure.